Equally comfortable composing for film and video games as writing hard-hitting vocal and guitar tracks, Tatiana is a self-taught juggernaut of creativity. Boasting intricate arrangements that bring to mind Pet Sounds-era Brian Wilson, or early Danny Elfman, depending, she’s something of a chameleon, changing from track to track, offering different versions of herself to the listener.

Tatiana is known for self-producing, mixing, arranging, and recording
everything herself, unless otherwise noted.  Influences include The
smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, Danny Elfman, Queen, Freddie Mercury,
Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mick Ronson, Lou Reed, Thomas Newman,
Ed Shearmur, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, David Sylvian, Japan, Ryuichi
Sakamoto, Bjork, Pantera, Metallica,  Peter Gabriel, Hirohiko Takayama,
and oldschool video game music.

Dive into the swirling pool of her music. You may get dirty, but that’s
okay. You’ll emerge inspired nonetheless, and perhaps even a little
How many musicians can you say that about?

~Robert Crisp -- Savannah, GA


You ever hear a song where the lyrics just scream how you feel about
something.  Like that artist gets it.
 You just did that to me.
 Can I buy your album?

Your voice is fucking haunting. You kinda have the vibe of a female Mike
Patton. That you could pretty much do anything and probably will.
A pleasant surprise to be sure.
-Jaden M.

How to put this...hmm. You are musically intimidating. I guess that's the
only way to say it. But I mean that in the best of ways; I find
musicians, in general, to be rather otherwordly, as they can do things I
can only dream of. Your musical taste is also rather hefty, and it's
clear that you put a lot of value in meaningful and emotional music.
Obviously you have a love of good songwriting.
-Eric (NerdPop)

You have that Frank Zappa Quality.  You're actually manic to the point of
near-annoyance.  You tow the line of brilliance and craziness, and I
think you know it.
-Joe C.

I'm listening to your songs right now, and finding them fucking
brilliant; such an interesting mix of styles, all in the same song, and
sometimes in the same minute. I wish that the current mainstream music
scene would embrace even the slightest fraction of originality and
creativity that I'm hearing in your work!

I was in first grade in 1985.  We're 7 years apart, both our ages are
multiples of 7, and 7's my favorite number. I'm sure it means something
deep and significant ;)
Your Tear Dance cue is brilliant.
-Jason A.

I love ur music!!!!

you are a musical prophet.
-"Mr. Nice Guy"

Rarely have I heard a musician make the word 'fuck' sound as much like a
temptation as an invective.

You're obviously a musical genius, I'm just not sure how I should feel
about your music, to be honest.
-Greg C.

I don't know what it was, because the quality sounded quite nice and the
voice is nice too, but I had a hard time getting into it. It may have
been the song structure (not bad, but a bit sporadic for my taste), but I
think it was the lyrical content that I couldn't get into. It just seemed
insincere to me.  However, it was certainly interestingly unique, and
most of my qualms, specifically the amount that is going on almost
always, are opinion.

I stumbled on your music by accident. I listened to a few samples. You do
such beautiful work Tatiana. I just had to tell you.
-John W.

This is really amazing. I've only experienced a very small percentage of
your page, but it is very much engaging so far and I like it. Keep up the
good work!
-Terencio S.

I wanna do a film sooo bad lol. Not to kiss ass or anything but u are
inspiration, no joke lol. I heard your stuff and read ur profile and at
that moment i sed "THATS what i wanna do" ^_^.

I've taken a wander through your Imaginarium, and have decided, to build
my summer home here. The music is simply wonderful.
-Charles F.

Hey, just listened to your samples, and wow you've got some talent... I
hear movie all over your stuff and some really cool textures. I'd love to
get some more to listen to.  I think movie scores are today what operas
were 300 years ago. There's so much brilliance out there and I'm glad to
see how deep you are into this.

Ok hurry up and get famous as a film composer, so I can run round and
tell people I know you from myspace. But whatever you do, just don't self
plagiarize like *Name has been removed*

Wow, I love the new one. Keep it up, your music makes my day. :)

your music is amazingly fantasmical.
-Digital Jedeye Sounds

I listened to your music and you're brilliant! You should move to Philly
and marry me. I'm going to London next week to see Radiohead at the Big
Ask, but we can get married after that. Just kidding. I am going to see
Radiohead, though,... isn't that amazing? You think you're crazy?... This
concert is costing me a thousand bucks! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Your music hits me kind of like Danny Elfman's, childish and dark. I am
astounded by your ability to pull me in. I am an R&B producer, here in
Minnesota, and my business partners and I have great mastering abilities.
If there are any networking possibilities between us I would be most
honored. If not, just keep doing what you're doing because someone huge
is bound to notice!
Peace and Love..............................................

your music is awsome!
keep up the great work!

your songs are very good, I'm a little jealous. What do you use to

your music... this shit is amazing! tell me how to purchase some

I particularly liked The Vending Machine. Very filmic pieces. It's so
refreshing to find someone with such musical finesse.

simply put "badass"
-"Mr. Nice Guy"

Your stuff is so awesome it blows mine away. Composing for film and video
games is something I've always wanted to do too, but you're actually
doing it!

Just loving your music.  Very envious of you indeed!! Keep up the
excellent work and let me know if you put any new stuff on. If i dont
hear from you then I look forward to seeing your Name on the credits of

the next Pixar movie...
Best Regards
-Andi P.

Once Upon A Flashback- New beautiful music as always.
I don’t know why, but the music reminds me of a chain of kindergarteners
zig zaging down a sidewalk like a centipede.

Children’s Theme-

Wonderful music. When I heard the music I had this urge to sneak into my
neighbor’s apartment and steal his Hoho’s without getting caught. And
then once they were in my hands, I would dance back to my apartment and
happily eat them until they were all gone.  Music gives such crazy
thoughts, doesn’t it?
Jan 16th Variation-
My feelings and thoughts while listening…
The simple acceptance of everything good or bad.
You’re very talented!

"Tear Dance"
it's very good.
there's pet sounds in there i hear.
these things need to be in movies.
-Billy N.

Your music depicts a magical landscape. Particularly like Tear Dance.
It's subliminal emotive.  content is somehow pleasing and disconcerting
at the same time.

your music makes me feel happy and magical. :-)
-Mael The Marcone